Saturday, September 25, 2010

Do Your Walls Protect Your Children from what’s Inside Your Home?

Venetian plaster is a stylish way to help protect your family from dust mites and dangerous indoor molds.

Englewood, CO, April 2010- Keeping your family healthy and safe is a full time job, and much of that time is spent in your home. Many building materials such as paints, wallpaper, insulation materials, drywall, carpet, fabric, and upholstery commonly support mold growth warns the American Academy of Pediatrics in their article “Toxic Effects of Indoor Molds.”

A hot decorating trend called Venetian Plaster makes a great alternative to paint or wallpaper. “True Italian lime plasters, due to their high PH value are naturally mold resistant, making it the perfect choice for a healthy home.” says Robin Davies local artisan and owner of Verona Walls, a decorative company specializing in decorative plasters.

Children who are bothered by allergies from molds are also susceptible to dust mites and are most prone to dust mites in their bedrooms where pillows and stuffed animals can become breeding grounds.

“Venetian Plaster is a wonderful choice for a child’s bedroom because once it is dry it carbonates (becomes stone again) which prevents dust mites from burrowing into walls and ceilings creating an allergy free environment.” Adds Mr. Davies.

Limiting or preferably eliminating dust mites in the bedroom can greatly ease your allergic child’s suffering. Washing bedding in water (130 degrees F.), permanently removing decorative pillows, and window treatments, and choosing materials that naturally prevent dust mites from accumulating can ease your child’s symptoms without medical side effects.

Once all the decorative elements you chose so carefully for your nursery are gone, the room might suddenly feel sad and stark. This is the added bonus of Venetian Plaster. Custom colors in soft baby pinks and blues for your brand new bundle or bright vibrant colors for toddlers and older children gives you peace of mind without sacrificing style.

Verona Walls is a specialist decorative company, apprenticed in England with further certification in faux finishing and polished plasters, bringing a true European style and master craftsmanship to wall decor.